Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas Tradition

Like everyone else, we are in the midst of our own Christmas holiday festivities.  We have gone to parties, gift exchanges, services, and carolling.   We have decorated, shopped and baked.  We have eaten all things that are usually off limits.  We have posed for Christmas photos, and I am once again wracking my brain trying to remember everything that happened this year in order to make note of in a Christmas letter.  But the one Christmas tradition that is all our own started just a few years ago thanks to our feline family member.

Every morning I wake up to find a number of our ornaments stripped off the tree.  Then they are hidden throughout the house.  After searching through the usual hiding places, I decorate the tree once more.  You see, during the night my cat manages to snatch these ornaments off the tree and then he distributes them to various hiding places in the house.  I will find them under chairs in our great room, behind the dryer, between the couch cushions.  Afterwards I replace them on the Christmas tree with the expectation that I will do this all over again the next morning. 

I guess I could place the ornaments higher in the tree, or take them off completely, but then what would I do in the morning?  All of us wake up daily and look for the ornaments to decorate the tree once more.    It is a tradition the is uniquely ours, and I think that my cat likes to involve the entire family, he makes sure that no one is left out.  It is always good to keep traditions alive.   Merry Christmas!  Enjoy the Season!

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